Who doesn’t love fall?

It’s that time of year. We will once again witness nature’s magic as trees begin their transformation. As chlorophyll disappears from the green leaves they begin to reveal their underlying golden hues. A rush of color seemingly occurs over night and will transform even the mundane landscape into spectacular displays. For photographers the changing colors is the equivalent of the starter pistol in the 100yard dash at a track meet. It becomes a race to capture the colors before they fade away at the finish line. Predicting and timing peak color is of course tricky. There is nothing real scientific that allows for the accurate prediction of peak times. Following certain websites certainly helps but those are educated guesses. In addition, one website’s peak is another website’s past peak. Eyewitness accounts may be the most reliable source of information especially if you are traveling beyond your community. Safe to say there are usually a couple of weeks every October to early November to test your creative skills. The fall season brings textures, amazing reflections and crisp beautiful light that are waiting to be hiked and photographed. Go out and enjoy. ©Larry

Photo Techniques-2

Dunnfield Creek-Sometimes with the right elements, a tighter composition can tell a very effective and stronger story. Far to often photographers head out with an objective to get that big crowd pleasing images and they miss the subtleties of the environment they’re in. It’s taken some practice on my part to enjoy where I’m shooting for the beauty instead of rushing to get to a location that I think exists some where else. In an instant gratification world, where epic photographs with unbelievable light are becoming the norm sometimes it’s nice to slow down and appreciate the smaller parts of the whole. It can be equally as satisfying and in some cases far better. ©Larry