Workshop in Harriman State Park

On October 20th I met up with 5 people at the Reeves Meadow Visitor center in Harriman State Park for a photography workshop.  Georgia, Jeremy, Harold, Dan and Andrew and I shared a common bond of enjoying be outside and photography. We took an easy walk into the woods on the red trail along Stony Brook Creek in search of images. As an aside, the images that are in this post were shot by Jeremy, Dan and Andrew.

Starting in the early afternoon we shot along Stony Brook Creek. The creek is full of beautiful rocks in and around the water offering many opportunities to shoot. As we moved in and around the water everyone found spots that appealed to them. Working one on one, we discussed photographic techniques that were applied to the specific shots envisioned by the photographers. Techniques such as, using a foreground element that provides a visual anchor and creates added depth. Also, incorporating  a diagonal line through the image provides a path for the viewer to move through and explore the rest of the image. These techniques provide the foundation to create exciting images.

In the afternoon we traveled to Little Long Pond to take advantage of late day sun hitting the pond and trees. The pond offers many features for photographers especially in the fall. There is an island close to shore that is filled with colorful plants and a large pine tree and through out the pond lily pads were still floating.   Everyone again spread out and explored the location. Some of the group concentrated on the island while others took advantage of the lily pads and reflections.


By the end of the day plenty of images were taken, a lot of camera talk occurred and batteries wore out. When it’s all said and done there is nothing better than being outside shooting with a group of people who share a similar passion.

©Jeremy Nelson ©Dan Avallone ©Andrew Quinn