Welcome to the new NYNJTC photography blog.  I hope you’ll be inspired by the writing and images to explore the regions trails and parks. In the coming months other professional photographers will be introduced in the blog and contribute their images and ideas for everyone’s  enjoyment. The framework driving this is the NYNJTC. Their caring of the trails and preservation of the lands allows us as artists and hikers to have fun creating exciting images and explore. Please feel free to comment as the site begins to take shape. My goal as we move forward is for it to be a destination with information, thoughts and sharing everyones images. Thanks. Larry

Plane Tickets

Many times when I’m about to leave the house to shoot I let my wife know where I’m going. It’s usually at some ridiculous hour in the  morning but she does manage to mutter slowly “haven’t you been there before?”. My answer usually is ” yeah but I want to take a better picture there”. Sometimes we get caught up in thinking that we have to travel  to exotic locations to get dramatic light with the perfect landscape. Don’t get me wrong if someone leaves a plane ticket on my kitchen table for Glacier National Park , I’m there. Unfortunately, chances of that happening are slim to none. You can’t be a great photographer waiting for that plane ticket. Your skills will get better and decision making faster by shooting more images locally. The location doesn’t  define the photographer. How you creatively interpret that landscape is the key. Continue reading