Photographer to check out-Dwight Hiscano

I’d like to introduce everyone to a another photographer by the name of Dwight Hiscano. FROZEN DOGWOOD, BLACK RIVER PARK, MORRIS COUNTY, NJAn accomplished  landscape photographer of 30 years from New Jersey  who has published a book entitled New Jersey :The Natural State and is a trustee of the New Jersey Highlands Coalition. His beautiful work is in many private and corporate collections through out the country. Reading his biography from his website you realize that Dwight has a deep seeded concern for the environment and its protection for our well being. As an aside, for the past year I’ve been giving talks  about New Jersey and its photographic possibilities and at those talks Dwight’s name has come up many times as another photographer who has combined his interest in photography and conservation.Rahway River Headwaters, South Mountain Reservation, Essex Count Dwight was raised in the NJ Highlands and is very familiar with the NYNJTC region and we look forward to seeing more work and contributions from Dwight. Check out Dwight’s website. Larry

©Dwight Hiscano