Winter Wonderland

Hello everybody I hope you have been enjoying this amazing winter  we have been experiencing, while I am completely tired of getting out the snow blower the opportunities for photography have been incredible. Since the last time I posted on this blog I have been half way around the world to China as well as Mt. Fuji , Japan and as far north as Yellowknife Canada shooting the Northern lights. winter wonderlandHowever I think the best image I made this winter was right here in Mahwah, NJ at the Ramapo Reservation along the Ramapo River. During the first pretty snowfall of the season I knew the park would be a great place for winter images and as late afternoon arrived the storm had started to break up, it dawned on me that the river set up perfectly flowing west  and the potential for some late day sunset color was possible. I found a spot that had a beautiful reflecting pool and then worked on a composition, Mother Nature did the rest.

We are so fortunate to have these resources at our disposal although I have the good fortune  traveling  around the world to shoot I still  think I create my best images here at home in the local parks and trails I have come to know so well.

Have faith the spring and summer will be here soon where you will be reading a post from me complaining about the heat ☺

©Dean Cobin