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Spruce forest, ferns, fog, Catskill Mountains.  Eerily silent is a good way to describe this place during the making of this picture. I visit this little known section of the Catskill Forest Preserve fairly often and have made good photographs here. On this particular early October afternoon, thick fog formed by morning rain literally enveloped the entire mountainside and cast a hush of silence over the land. That kind of prolonged silence has an amazing effect on me. It stops time. Or at least my perception of time. After I made this exposure, I checked my watch and was stunned to find that it was nearly 5 pm. I had arrived, what seemed like moments ago, shortly after lunch! Such is the calming power of the forest on the human mind. The winding course of autumn ferns had brought me to this cathedral-like stand of spruce. With my 8×10 camera positioned with a wide-angle lens, the exposure using an aperture of f/90 to render the entire image sharply was nearly 10 minutes! Luckily there was absolutely no wind to move the ferns or tree branches. This same lack of wind was responsible for the incredible silence as well. To me, this gentle image gives peace but it also evokes a sense of mystery as my eye is lead on and on into the silence and the fog. ©Thomas Teich

3 thoughts on “Photographers to check out- Thomas Teich

  1. Beautiful photograph, beautiful place…I agree with the photographer: the forest is time-less…a wonderful antidote to modern life.

    • So true. Nature really is timeless. Perhaps even ageless. Would there be a noticeable difference if we could stand in the same forest in 1812 and then in 2012? Without human intrusion…probably not.

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