Vision or Equipment

For as long as there have been cameras there have been concerns with its evolvement as a medium. Does the next generation of cameras make the last ones obsolete? Many photographers hold on to their beliefs that their equipment is better than any of the newer systems available.mill for blog

I went for a walk recently in the Delaware Raritan Canal State Park. I carried my normal amount of equipment hoping to find a shot amongst the heavy fog. I also had my iPhone with me. I may have had more fun with my iPhone than my Cannon on this day. There is a spontaneity, freedom and experimentation when shooting with the iPhone. The immediacy to create and share a vision brought new life to the morning walk. A phone is by no means  a replacement for a full blown camera system but who knows what the future holds. I think as technology changes it’s alright for photographers to play, create and get excited with the new advances in our field. A photographers vision shouldn’t be dependent on their equipment. After all it’s all about the final image….isn’t it? Larry

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