Photographer to check out-Dean Cobin

In the fall of 2012 on a beautiful foggy morning I was shooting in Harriman State Park. The combination of weather and colors brought out many other photographers looking to take advantage of the near perfect conditions. While wandering around looking for different perspectives I struck up a conversation with a photographer by the name of Dean Cobin.


Talking photography, equipment and other locations within the park it became apparent that Dean knew his craft. While his day job allows him to travel and shoot in exotic locations, his love for our local parks, such as Harriman, became evident in our conversation. Whether in Harriman State Park, the Catskills or further north in the Adirondacks his body of work shows our parks in their best light. I hope you are inspired by his images and if you would like to see more of Dean’s work check out his website   LarryIMG_9955_MG_7619 Panorama-2-Edit-3-Edit

©all images by Dean Cobin

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