Cold Opportunities

I will be perfectly honest with you I don’t enjoy shooting in cold weather. I find it terribly difficult and distracting. Even with all the proper cold weather gear I seem to be spending more time thinking about my numb painful extremities than being creative.

_MG_0233BNWith that in mind, on one of the coldest days of the season, I ventured out in ten-degree weather in search of winter images at Plainsboro Preserve. A small amount of fresh powdery snow had fallen overnight and coated all the surfaces through out the preserve. Trying to ignore the pain of my ears (I forgot my hat) I began looking for interesting compositions. For me, winter is a perfect time to explore textures and details that when coupled with snow or ice can become the starting point for a beautiful graphic image.

The contrast in textures and the sinewy nature of this plant are what caught my eye originally. For an image like this to be successful I felt it was  important to isolate the plant away from the larger group. I wanted it to be the singular star in the image. To that end: I opened the aperture to F/8 on my 70-200mm lens, positioned the camera so the plant was backlit and compositionally put the subject slightly off center to the top left. Putting the plant dead center would have been a static composition. The negative space is important. To me at least, far to often we overlook the small shots but sometimes the smaller shots convey a bigger story…..and payoff. Larry


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